Sandblast cabinet

I finished this waaaay back in Oct 2017, but didn't add pics, so here you go, in all its patina'ed glory, a big-ass-sandblast-cabinet!  I can fit an entire bicycle frame (sans wheels/tires) in there!  It's huge man, huge!  Is it top-shelf super-dooper industrial grade?  NO...but if I told you how much a "real" cabinet that's as big as this one costs vs how much I spent on would probably hurt your feelings.  And I've decided not to paint it.  So there, take that.  I'm going to let it rust on purpose and if I get sick of that, I can um...just sandblast it off.  While making a horrible mess.

Router Table

Good grief, what is up with all the tables!?  Well, don't worry, there's a few more coming once I get all this website jibber-jabber updated.

As for this particular table, no way, no how, was I going to pay that kind of money for a garbage router table from Home Cheapo.  So I made my own.  Strong like bull, last long time.

Bad Ass Bender

I've since upgraded to a real box/pan brake, but this ol' pig did her job.  Super primative, but could bend some pretty thick steel if you clamped things down correctly.

Tum-bling Machine!

Okay, the 'bling' aspect leaves a bit to be desired.  But she works great!  Throw a fist fulla rusty metal in there, and ~30min later, POW!, nice clean metal all up in yo face.

Lathe Table

Designed and fabbed by me.  Prior to the lathe being added to the top, a little run, and a tiny jump, and you could belly-surf this thing across the shop!  Right up until one of the casters hits a rock...

Welding Table

I designed, I fabbed it, I then used it to make even more cool stuff.