Vinyl Decals, just for funsies.

I've been using my vinyl cutter for some actual work, such as sandblasting masks, but I also spent some time messing around making decals for my kid's school folder and my truck...and pretty much everything else you can stick a decal onto!

Surprisingly Effective.

Read it heed it.  Engraved steel.  I really love the way that 14g steel looks after the outer oxide layer is cut through.

A Corsair Just for Me

My all-time-favorite plane.  Nuf said.

NuVinci "Rider" Door Knob Bash Guard

There was a hole in the wall where someone opened the conference room door with great vengeance and furious anger...and no one fixed the hole.  So I did.  Mesquite carving w/ plexi cover plate.

Another Ranch Sign

A gift for my parents.

Ranch Sign

This was actually one of my very first signs.  I've seen it years later, and it still looks great.

Simple Sparrow Farm Sign

Customer-provided art (which I loved, clean, simple...looked great), turned into steel, then powder coated.

Sign with a capital T...huh?

"Sign" doesn't even have a T...but this sign has a capital T....wha?  I'm confused.  Perhaps these pictures will explain.

Garden Hose Hanger...for Tha Gangstas.

Now I always know where my hose be.

Fit Force Sign

This was a unique project in that it was for a neighbor's company, so they got to help out with the project.
The company is
Lauren's husband Val asked me if I could help make their logo into something 'real' (steel is real!), and I said sho nuf.  I did the design and fab, he did the finishing.  His wife didn't know anything about the surprise until she saw it hanging on the wall.  It looks great and I am glad I could help.

PrecisionBee Sign!

Finally got around to making a small sign for inside the shop.  Multi-layered, with colors and everything.  Me likey.

Wooden Gears

A fun project.  Try not to look away and talk to someone while you're spinning these, it turns into a finger masher pretty quickly.  If there were more demand for finger mashers, I'd be a multi-thousandaire.

Random Letters

Meah, letters.  Not terribly exciting eh?

Twisted Oval Vase

This was actually pretty easy to make, just took a LOT of sanding.  I think it came out great.  It holds a pint glass which holds the flowers.  Or you could have the best beer mug at the party.

Thread Holders

These were made from a hackberry tree that fell over on my parents' property.  Very cool wood, grain looked like feathers had grown into the tree.

Oooh, fancy metal stars...

This is the WHOLE reason I got a CNC plasma make stars.

Naw, I got it to make go karts and race cars and other more awesomer stuff like that.  We'll get to those things soon enough...