Butcher Block Table, Upgrades and Repairs

You know those times when your butcher block table starts turning back into a bunch of separate sticks!?  A couple of friends had that problem and called me in to do what I do.  They wanted to keep the wood in all its wear and tear patina glory, but ditch the wimpy legs, make the table back into ONE piece, and add a bit of storage underneath in the form of some drawers.
This table was a wreck when I started...if you pulled the outer-most boards away from each other, everything wanted to stretch out like an accordion, and a couple pieces literally fell off.  I would not call myself a furniture restoration expert, but I figured it out.
Once that was done, the fun part started with the steel!  And the super-cool special part was that they wanted the insides of the drawers engraved with their family crest as well as their motto.  The engraving came out FANTASTIC!!!  Better than even I had hoped, and I knew it would look cool!  Check it out!

Patio Benches

Doesn't get much easier than this, some tube steel and wood, but a truck could probably sit on these...they're a tad overbuilt.

Robot Table

I know, I know...not everyone will agree with the aesthetic of this table.  I couldn't help it though...I have a soft spot in my heart for all things "Steampunk".  Maybe it was a phase.  Maybe I'll always love uselessly complex modern things made to look old.  This table is certainly uselessly complex, but it's fantastic.  The only thing I didn't design/fab myself was the internal LED strip and the fasteners.
And if you don't agree this table is great, you should prolly head on over to dubya dubya dubya you're wrong dot com.

Kid's Table, Swing Out Drawers

Cool hide-away drawers for all the crayons and half eaten sandwiches that kids like to hide in their rooms.

Mesqweet Table...that's how you spell it right?

I can do me some engineering, but sometimes can't spell worth a hydroelectric dam.  Mesquite!  That's how you do it.  Anyway, I made this here table outta some of that wood.  Laser scanned the table top so I could snuggle up the close-out panels next to it, making it more uniform, making it look less like the discarded chunk o' stump that it was.

Magazine Rack

Check it out!  It holds magazines!
Was also my first try at "machine turning" or "jeweling".  What it's called depends on whom you're asking.  Let's just call it swirly marks on metal.  There are easy ways and hard ways to do this.  If  you want to find out how, just lemme know.

Flying Tiger Table

Still one of my favorite creations.  Kinda wish I hadn't sold it, but it went to a good home.

Tower of Awesome

Turns out when kids want to help momma and I cook stuff, their tiny little legs can't...quite...get their bodies up to counter top level.  So I designed and fabbed this leg extender...Ye Olde Tower of Awesome.  It's awesomer than hail.  I thought that if I could use it...because I'm not exactly svelt as they say, it should be good to go for little kids.
Just look at his little diaper butt up there making cakes and whatnot.