X2 Edge Buggy...chipping away at it...

Progressing a bit on this model, when I'm not working more pressing efforts.  This is the X2 Edge Buggy from The Edge Products way down unda.  Modeling from plans and will fab it myself.  It will take a long time, but I'm not in a hurry.  Going to do it right, so when I start doing jumps I know it will land safely.

Aston Martin One-77 Surface Model

I've muddled through various online tutorials for surfacing, figured out most of it on my own, but struggle with the "robustness" of surface models created in Solidworks, so decided to try a more formal tutorial from LearnSolidworks.  Will post more pics once complete, but here is progress thus far.

Chaparral 2E Soapbox Racer

This is primarily a surfacing exercise in Solidworks, and a fun tip o' the hat to my dad's race mechanic days back in the 60s and 70s.  This is my favorite of the Chaparral cars, but they have plenty of other awesome ones too.  If ever in Midland, TX, you gotta see the Chaparral wing at the Oil Museum.  It's very impressive.  And my dad is in a couple of the pictures on the walls!

Goooooo Karts!!

Seriously, this is for my kid...and a neighbor's kid...NOT for us at all.
Again...NOT for us, it's for the kids...

Based off Spidercarts Tarantula.  However...ugh...those plans are not good.  I'm glad I modeled the entire thing because I'm 100% confident, if I had followed plans exactly, nothing would have gone together correctly.  Engine model came from Grabcad (not sure of the poster's name, sorry, can't give appropriate credit...), all other parts were done by lil ol me.

The cool part is that when we finished, we were able to say we MADE these, because with very few exceptions, all the metallic parts (frame, pedals, brackets, etc) were made with a plasma cutter, box/pan break, band saw, welder, and copious amounts of hammers.

Once they were complete, neighbor and I definitely did not RACE THE HELL OUTTA THESE IN MY BACKYARD, because these are for the kids.

Quadcopter Reverse Engineering

I needed to design some new parts for a quadcopter, started designing a sub-set of the 'copter, then just kept going.  It was a good way to learn about "decals" in Solidworks.

Check it out here: